We know that we all have differences, different likes, hates, and favorites. Most specially when it comes to travelling. we have certain places we’d love to come and go.

go and come back. we hear you! thats why we chose 9 types of places you might be with yourself into!

  1. The beach body- MALDIVES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Of course who wouldn’t love brown tans, sunny days?  Time to show off that GYM body you are building.  it will always be Maldives for  tropical kind of people with budgeted money for travelling. Maldives is waiting for you!


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2. The reader- BALI

Ever crave for somewhere peaceful so you can have full blown of mind-relaxation. as they say we need to exercise our minds as well.

the reader continues and still go for BALI indonesia. Perfect for a serious and lazy bum moment to chill to.


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3. The Snow Lover- CANADA

Are you fan of snow man?  love to snow board? likes a hot tea chill session? well, CANADA might be the best place for you!

as what we heard, Montreal or Toronto would be best as city choices.


4. The Road Tripper- INDIA

Snow-capped mountains, curving roads, beautiful people, an unseen side of India and amazing memories are what the GANG GOALS!

go get your gang and road/bike trip together at the Leh-Ladakh route in INDIA.


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5. The Mountain Climber – TANZANIA/WASHINGTON

For the trekker, hiker and mountain climber we suggest Mount Baker in Washington for beginners (takes just a day) or Kilimanjaro, Tanzania for the more extremely devoted traveller (to 19,336 feet).


6. The Shopper – LONDON

if your the shopper time of person, then London would be great for your high-end brands to one-pound items. whichever you love.

less expensive than UAE.


7. The Art Connoisseur – ITALY

Rome, Venice, Florence! They got it all for you! ITALY is just the best place for your mind-blowing works of Art. you have to put these on your list people.

its a MUST!


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8. The Foodie – FRANCE

We all have that one friend who loves to eat! Yes all gang get that! Having a zip of coffee in the morning at some Parisian cafe would be definitely your instagram goal buddy!

the pleasant settings and friendly approached would amaze you and the crew! you will surely back for more!


9. The Adventurer- NEW ZEALAND

SAY NO TO FEARS! this destination is for those who to killed the ropes with boats, planes, buildings mountains and a lot more! to NEW ZEALAND IT IS!