The visa issuance is subject to the approval of the GDRFA’s committee and security department.
Visa Types can be applied through us by first assessment on our website  or may call us directly at 042760000.
East and West Travels Visa services
Visa type Valid before entry        Valid After Entry 
Short term visit Single Entry – Service 14 days 14 days
Short term visit Single Entry – Tourist 60 days 30 days
Long term visit Single entry –  Visit Visa 60 days 90 days
Short Term Visa- Multiple Entry 60 days 30 days
Long Term Visa-Multiple Entry 60 days 90 days
Nationalities can get visa upon arrival to the airport:
Andorra Canada Finland Hong Kong Latvia Malta San Marino Sweden
Australia Croatia France Hungary Liechtenstein New Zealand Singapore Switzerland
Austria Cyprus Vatican City Iceland Lithuania Norway Slovakia United Kingdom
Belgium Czech Germany Ireland Luxembourg Poland Slovenia United States
Brunei Denmark Greece Italy Malaysia Portugal Spain
Bulgaria Estonia Holland Japan Monaco Romania South Korea

All other nationalities need to pre-obtain the UAE visa to be able to enter the country.

The minimum requirements to apply for Tourist visa
– Clear passport copy (color & clear)
– Photo (color & clear)

For Guarantor’s documentation

-Passport copy

-Visa page

-Emirates ID Copy