Our Services

Our Services

In today’s competitive market of travel and tourism, having the right packages, affordable prices, and satisfying services can give your business an edge and measurable advantage in the market.

East and West Travels  can help you develop tailor-made packages for your clients to ensure that you will be providing them all their needs.

 Visa Services


UAE Tourist Visa is our main product. We are the 3rd largest distributor of tourist visa in UAE. Distributed almost 70,000 Tourist visa in one year, we have corporate rates to offer to travel company and to direct clients around the world. .

We offer fast, reliable and affordable UAE Visa services.  a powerful endorsement of the quality services we provide. Our focus on quality service is what sets us apart.

What’s more, as we always ensure with our partners, client’s overall development is our testament to the service we are providing.


We can also process OMAN Visa  only for visa change purposes.


We formed a group of travel professionals to design the most innovative travel itineraries and most trusted flight booking services using our own portal. Our reservation system guarantees outright confirmation from wide range of airlines around the globe.

Hotel Bookings

East and West Travels, as a known provider of travel and tourism packages, do also aim to further enhance its services to contribute on the target to attract more visitors here in UAE. We are making our customer’s experience in each travel destinations here in UAE a memorable one by giving them the most comfortable, relaxing and pleasant luxury hotels around UAE.

We are recognized from thousands of hotels or resorts internationally from economy to luxury hotels at the very reasonable prices even with the last few minute availability and utmost allocations. Our clients may choose from a variety of beautiful resorts and hotels at their own preference.

Local Tours

East and West Travels will bring you to another unique Arabian adventure, your dream Middle eastern travel goals within your reach.

International Tours

East and West Travels stretches beyond the traditional definition of vacation. Having the right international itineraries could bring a hassle free travel anywhere in the world. Don’t missed our exclusive holiday packages!