For a tourist who needs to renew the UAE tourist visa like me, finding an agency that will process your Oman visa change as well as the renewal of your UAE tourist visa in less than a week is quite difficult, all agencies offer different packages but they vary in the process of your application, that’s why some tourist ended up staying in Oman for a week or more. Good thing that I have a friend who’s working in an agency and I immediately messaged the agency to have my papers done.

East and West Travels, offers a hassle free and quick visa services to UAE, either for visiting family or for your business trip. I have chosen this agency for they offer affordable Oman visa change packages, I got mine (Oman visa with 90 days UAE visa plus with free 2-way bus) for only 1,499 AED.

Okay now, here’s my travel timeline. The meeting area was in the Big Parking beside Reef Mall last Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016 at 12 noon. My Oman visa was handed to me when we were in the bus.

Before we departed around 2:00 in the afternoon, they first checked our passports, UAE old tourist visas and the Oman visas because some tourist needed to pay for their overstays and according to some tourist, that will be the cause of our delay in the immigration in Hatta Border.

We arrived before 6:00 in the evening in Hatta Border and the process only took us 45 minutes (exit stamp, bags were checked etc.) I immediately took a photo of my exit stamp and sent it right away to the agency for them to start the process my application. Then we arrived at the Oman immigration around 8:30 in the evening for entry stamp and others. Before heading to the hotel, there were stop overs for us to buy food and toilet breaks.

We arrived at Al Buraimi hotel around 10:30 in the evening, very early according to some tourist who had their exits a couple of times now. We had a villa good for 10 people and we were all female in the area. The hotel had a nice lobby, a restaurant, a pool and lots of supermarkets outside the vicinity.’

The following day Thursday Aug. 11, 2016, me and my fellow tourist bought and shared food. That’s the good thing when you are in a good company of tourist, your stay won’t be that boring and in my case, we were all “Kabayans” so getting along isn’t hard. That night, the application of my UAE tourist visa was approved! Yey! Thank God! My fellow tourist were shocked why my application was processed in just 24 hours. Well, I told them that’s why I’ve chosen East & West Travels.

The not so lucky part was that, they don’t have buses traveling back to Dubai on weekends and besides the immigration was closed on weekends, so I had to stay there until Sunday morning. Well, I didn’t mind staying there for two more days, it was a little retreat for me.

Sunday Aug. 14, 2016 at 2:30 in the morning was our departure time. Back to Dubai!

Thank you East and West Travels for the hassle free services!

– tourist from the Philippines