There are many gadgets coming out nowadays. Specifically for travel activities, regardless of being a solo, group, business, backpacker or if you are one of the vlogger, if you are looking for the perfect travel gadgets to bring out the best on your travel journey, here are some picks we find essential as any kind of traveler you are.

1.External Battery


Other than a smartphone, one of the most useful travel gadget you have to carry on during trips is an external battery where it can save you out of hassling while on the road. Always have at least one or more batteries to charge your phone or other electronics. Most especially if you are in the middle of the road and there is no power outlet available.

2.Universal travel adaptor


If you are a non-stop traveler, well you have to keep one.

3.Kindle paper white


Believe me when we tell you that reading is the most beneficial activity to survive long flights, not only you use your time wisely but you will gain lot of leanings. This is also a space saver for long term travelers because you can download your favorite travel books on your kindle, instead of bringing a bunch of books with you.

4.Water Filter


If you are a mountaineer or trekker, or a typical backpacker where you spend most of the time outdoors during travels, or are you traveling to countries where water is not safe to drink?  A water filter can save you, it makes a contaminated water safe for drinking, and it removes bacteria and parasites.




For travelers that want to take photos while being active or underwater a GoPro is a must have!

6.Mirrorless camera


If you want to take stunning photos but don’t want to bring along a bulky DSLR, a mirrorless camera is what you need.

7.Gorilla pod


A portable gorilla pod is useful for travelers that want to take better photos but don’t want to carry a large tripod. This pod is best for vloggers.

8.Selfie Stick


Want a selfie stick and a portable tripod?  The gadget which you can do both.



Drones can produce amazing aerial shots, so if you are that serious to be a travel blogger or vlogger this one is worth to invest for.

10.Digital Luggage Scale


This handy digital luggage scale will leave you no worries when travelling, if you want to sure not to over pack and to avoid overweight fees. You have to carry one.