Having a particular valentines day, as they say its very old tradition but people most likely to celebrate it though. Even without your other half.

valentines is the day you share care, joy and love to people who you value so much. taking them to a nice place during cold weather or even to a hot one.

The day we express our affection towards anyone, ANYONE in this world living. making them happy by giving a pleasant Gifts or simply greetings.

Most of us showing it to the one we love by bringing them to the finest dining restaurant.  loving the idea of putting smile on their faces will make you happy at the same time.

East and West Travels is on the track by giving you a once in a lifetime experience in one of the best dining experience here in Dubai.

Lovely Couples out there, Friend keepers, family oriented Human being! We are calling your attention to get ready as we excited to celebrate it with you!

We prepare the most romantic date for you by joining our #EastandWestLoveconfession Competition! its time to make it up for your special someone.

See our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/eastwesttravels/?fref=nf  to join this Competition. Valentine Contest will run till February 16 afternoon.



Time for #EastandWestLoveConfession share your love to Bae, Friends, or family and get a DINNER for two to Mint leaf Dubai! We will choose the most cheesy!

We will announce the winner on thursday February 16, 2017.

1st:Hit Like Mint Leaf of London Dubai & to this valentine post!
2nd: Tag 3 of your love ones
3rd: tell how much do you him/her.
4th: share it with our #EastandWestLoveConfession

•We’re sorry if we cant tag everyone (too many), but remember, you are all LOVED.

Since we also wanted to express our love to you.

Here’s ours.
From desert to mountains, from buildings to forest, from winter to summer, from rain to shine, from fights to cuddles, from hate to love. From EAST to WEST! Happy Hearts Day to all! We you!

Hope to hear your thoughts and love messages! ♥